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Aug 22, 2022

It's episode 50 and we figured there'd be no better time to address the Day of Pentecost than now! Listen in as Basil and Dr. Chris discuss their very different perspectives on flag ministry and tongues of fire!

Aug 14, 2022

In this episode we join Dr. Pastor Chris once again for a teaching out of the book of John. You'll get to hear how he ties in some of what gleaned from our conversation with Dr. Cory Barnes. And if you haven't listened to that episode yet, do that first!

Aug 8, 2022

We're going back to the early 1990's and hitting the books again! We are joined by Nick Shalna from The Universe Next Door podcast to explore the shapes and Colors of the Teen Study Bible! Today's TSBBS explores what the fella's over at Zondervan have to say about "Entertainment!" So turn off that gameboy, teens,...