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Dec 11, 2022

In this episode Dr. Chris gets some one-on-one time with the one-and-only Derek P Gilbert. They discuss Derek's work, the Book of Revelation, crazy end times things, and the Chicago Cubs!

Dec 7, 2022

The boys are back at it again as they go waaaaaay back to the radical 90s with another Teen Study Bible Study! In this episode Basil and Dr. Chris explore another hot topic from the neon pages of the Teen Study Bible: Addiction. Crack? Ice? Dip? Pick your poison and settle in as we explore what the Bible has to say...

Nov 29, 2022

Dr. Berkley Gryder, Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences, School of Medicine, is a chemist who retrained as a molecular biologist and computer scientist. He's here to school the Ravel-rowdy-boys on what, exactly, is going on in our bodies! From quadraplexes, telemeres, and DNA sequencing - to...

Nov 24, 2022

It's Thanksgiving! So of course we wanted to let you know how thankful we are for our listeners...but also... what does Thanksgiving have to do with time travel!? That's what you were really hoping for right? Also, introducing Basil's "Make Thanksgiving Awkward Challenge"!
So loosen that belt, stick in those ear buds,...

Nov 13, 2022

Welcome to Thread Talks with Dr. Chris! In this new installment of the show Dr. Chris dares to fly solo. Join him as he attempts to isolate a single thought in the mind of God and begin to trace it out.