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Dec 25, 2021

Merry Christmas, nerds! In this very special Christmas edition of the show Basil and Christopher reflect on, dissect, and generally ruin your favorite Christmas traditions! Join these good Christmas boys as they explore the blurry histories of Santa, Christmas trees, and December 25th. They also read a heartwarming...

Dec 19, 2021

We are joined again by Matthew Miller of the Logos Made Flesh youtube channel. Since we last spoke a few months ago, Matthew has received a terminal diagnoses. As a man who has been told he has less than two years left on this earth, Matthew is presented with an opportunity very few of us ever take seriously: to think,...

Dec 12, 2021

Today Basil and the good Dr. Christopher Ryan Gates have a chat with Gonz Shimura! Long time friend of Basil's, Co-Host of the podcast Canary Cry NewsTalk, Film maker of the popular Age of Deceit films and the Face Like the Sun youtube channel, Gonz has long been a respected voice in biblical prophecy, fringe...

Dec 5, 2021

After 6 episodes exploring "The Death of God" we take a moment to pause and reflect. After some delightful banter and housekeeping we address questions sent by listeners regarding "The Death of God" in light of the many facets the concept presents. And as usual, we are no closer to any answers, Thank God!