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Nov 28, 2021

As we begin to wrap up our Death of God series, Dr. Christopher Ryan Gates joins us today to walk us through The Cry of Dereliction. The last words of The Savior? The betrayal of The Son?  Or perhaps the performance of a lifetime? Dr. Christopher Ryan Gates has done a lot of thinking, a lot of writing, AND a lot of...

Nov 21, 2021

What happened to Jesus’ soul when he died? Where did he go and what was he doing? In this latest installment of our Death of God series Basil has the day off and Christopher sits down with Dr. Matthew Emerson to talk about Jesus’ decent to Hell. 

Nov 14, 2021

“All rise. Now entering the honorable judge, Yahweh.” In this installment of our Death of God series Basil and Christopher sit down with lawyer and theologian Solomon Mekonnen to discuss Jesus’ death from a legal standpoint. Does God’s law demand death? Was Jesus’ substitutionary death ‘fair?’ The guys...

Nov 7, 2021

In this third of installment of our Death of God series Basil and Christoper welcome Matthew Miller of Logos Made Flesh. Matt has knack for finding the underlying themes in Hollywood movies and shares with us how the death of God is a topic that pervades many areas of storytelling, whether we recognize it or not. So...